Saturday, January 5, 2013

Holiday Ideas: It's Almost Valentine's Day!

We can't believe how fast Christmas and New Years have gone by! However, we know that January will fly by and Valentine's Day is going to come up very fast. Lots of sites such as Craftgawker are already accumulating Valentine's Day posts. I thought I might as well get a head start on the upcoming holiday and check out these Valentine's Day themed posts to share with everyone. While scrolling through Craftgawker I came upon an adorable jar that led me to a great site... This site already has perfect ideas for Valentine's Day paper crafts.

Everyone has different Valentine's Day traditions and gift ideas so I wanted to share two different ones from our own Poe-Poe' as well as a great site I discovered called Paper Vine. Gifts can range from simple cards to creative crafts to jewelry, but ALL can be equally meaningful to someone special.

Valentine's Day Jar:

Some may prefer a crafty gift just like this Valentine's Day Jar. I'm in love with this idea because it's meaningful and will last throughout the year. Even if you don't have a significant other to gift this Valentine's Day, this jar could be altered to work for anyone like friends and family. Instead of date ideas, each card could have family outing ideas, or girl's night out plans. They don't all have to be romantic either!

Valentine's Day Bracelets (both under $20!):

Here at Poe-Poe' we are already getting started with posting Valentine's Day gifts in our Poe-Poe' Etsy Shop. These elastic bracelets with rhinestone accents are the perfect Valentine's Day gift for under $10! These can be worn as stack-able bracelets or as no crease hair ties. They also come in a variety of colors with rhinestone circles, squares, and hearts. I love this gift idea because they can be given to just about anyone for a great price. You're significant other, granddaughter, cousin, friend, or anyone else can wear this Valentine's Day gift and wear the holiday colors!

This Rhinestone Wrap Bracelet is another bracelet from Poe-Poe' for someone who is looking for a gift that can be worn during Valentine's Day or any other day as a new trendy style. This bracelet is great for a Valentine's Day gift under $20! These rhinestone wrap bracelets come in a variety of colors, but I felt that this maroon and powder blue one was fashionable to the special holiday. Whoever receives this gift on Valentine's Day will be able to show off a trendy wrap bracelet whenever they please!

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